This blog shares the happenings of Chris, Lacey and Reese O'Donnell. We didn't used to have that much to say about ourselves which is why posts were few and far between, but now we have a little person that will give us a lot to talk about. The blog will also feature Lacey's Random Finds - event planning, paper love, pretty crafty things, etc.


Snow Day

Northern Virginia got about 5 inches of snow this week, but as you know - that shuts things DOWN around here! So...Chris was off of work and we had a snow day on Thursday. The bummer is, we lost power and had to bundle up. Reese is clearly thrilled about her getup - lots of layers - tights, shirts, sweats. Oh, and socks on her hands! :)


Reese turned two months old this week. She is getting so big! Here are some things about her this month:

* She smiles! (see below) And its awesome. She was in a great mood when we took these pictures so we got a great range of faces.
* She talks - well, coos. She says goo, ger, gurgle, ah. She responds when you talk to her too.
* She holds her head up really well. The doctor tried her on her tummy and Reese showed off - getting up on her arms and looking around. The doctor said she was doing great and had the strength of a 4 month old.
* She had a little bit of baby acne (on schedule) but it went away quickly and she is back to having perfect skin.
* She focuses and tracks well with her eyes - watching people, toys, and things
* She gets a lot of attention everywhere we go.
* She weighs 11 pounds and 14 oz (73rd percentile) and is 23 1/2 inches long (85th percentile).
* We have a crush on her!