This blog shares the happenings of Chris, Lacey and Reese O'Donnell. We didn't used to have that much to say about ourselves which is why posts were few and far between, but now we have a little person that will give us a lot to talk about. The blog will also feature Lacey's Random Finds - event planning, paper love, pretty crafty things, etc.


Reese Takes Flight

Reese took her first flight this weekend. Chris, Reese and I flew to Utah to see my family and to introduce Reese to all the people she hadn't met yet. We flew direct from Dulles to SLC, a 4.5 hour flight. I am happy to report - it went GREAT! We lucked out with a couple of empty seats on the plane and a nice gate agent at Dulles. He made sure we had one of those empty seats so we were able to bring her car seat on. That really changed everything and made it that much easier. She slept the entire time at the airport and through takeoff. Once awake we ate, played, navigated the tiny bathroom changing table, played some more and went back to sleep. Here's hoping for empty seats on the way home (come on delta!)


Three months old!! Reesemeister (her new nickname of the day) is so fun right now. She is just expressive and awesome.

Here are some things about her this month:

* We don't have a weight/height update since her next well visit at the doctor is not until 4 months, but we know she is growing as she is starting to wear the next size and growing out of her little stuff.
* She giggles. It is really funny, but she gets bored fast so we are always coming up with something new for the giggle.
* She loves her hands - putting them together and mostly sucking on them (loud slurp noises included)
* Tummy time is short lived. This girl rolls. To her right and her left.
* She hates to burp. We burp her half way through the bottle so she doesn't get to spitty, and its as though she knows there is more to drink. We sit her up and she screams. Once she is full, she is happy again. hmmm.
* Her favorite position is hands behind her head. She looks so relaxed.
* She coos a lot - stringing together a bunch of sounds like a sentence, so it really does seem like she is trying to say something.
* She has a new trick. If you ask her where her tongue is and stick yours out, she will do the same. Smarty girl.

Future Babysitters?

Belle and Soph were excited to see Reese again last week. They both want to hold her and carry her around - its darling. They just love her!

Walking with Dad

Chris has been dying for warmer weather so that he can take Reese outside for long walks. He finally got his wish and was able to take her out on a trek to the store. Here is Reese bundled up for her walk.

Tummy Time Playdate

I joined a local mom's group to meet some other mom's and some playmates for Reese. We have gone to a lunch a couple of times and last week we went to a tummy time event. It was really fun to see the babies interact. Reese wasn't much for her tummy now she is a roller, but she was sure to show off her rolling skills before promptly falling asleep.

Love Bug

Who knew how much fun Valentine's was with a kid? OK, all you mom's did, but REALLY! So much fun. I can hardly wait until she realizes its a fun day too. Oh yeah, and Daddy took us girls out on a surprise date. Awesome.

Second Cousins

Reese hasn't met her first cousins yet (but she will soon!!) or her second cousins on her mom's side. Luckily though, there are three cute second cousins on Dad's side. Trying to get this picture, with four kids under 2.5 was hilarious. Below is one of the best ones, and then some outtakes. :)

LOVE this one...Reese was crying at first and Taylor clapped for her when she stopped. Adorable.

Reese yawning in an otherwise perfect pic.

Kids hands in the air.

Aiden on the move.

Ethan checking out Reese.

Meeting Jackson

We all got to meet a new baby this week. Our friends Jacinda and Jeff have a darling new baby boy named Jackson. He is so cute, and the first smaller baby we have been around since Reese arrived. Congrats to you all. We can't wait for playdates.


The Trimbles invited us over for the Superbowl and we had a great time. Alicia made delicious chili and Reese was good - just hanging out during the game. She REALLY loved the half time show though. We were all cracking up because she was almost dancing - check out the video.

That's Just How I Roll

Reese rolls over! Tummy time has become rolling time. I was cracking up trying to take this video because she would roll before I could hit record. I would put down the camera to put her back on her stomach and she would roll before I could even pick up the camera. That probably happened 10 times but I finally got it on film.

I am pretty sure she needs this shirt now...

Meeting Claire

Our friends Katrina and Matt had a baby girl named Claire three weeks before Reese. We waited until they were a little older (and had vaccinations) before hanging out, but we got them together last weekend. They were awesome together - so fun and funny.

Girls Night

Reese and I went to dinner last weekend with the girls. She was chatty and just chilled with us.

Reese preferred formula over Vietnamese food.

Little Girl, Big Bed

Reese had her first night in her crib. Mom and Dad were not too sure about it (is she really that big?), but she did great and even woke up smiling.

Visit to VA Beach

The last weekend in January we went to VA Beach to see Grandma Pat and Grandpod. Unfortunately, we didn't take too many pictures, but we did get a cute one of Reese ready for church in her ruffly sweater, and also in her new umbrella stroller. She is a little small for it right now, but we had to try it out. I just love the look she is giving her dad as he tries to help her get strapped in.