This blog shares the happenings of Chris, Lacey and Reese O'Donnell. We didn't used to have that much to say about ourselves which is why posts were few and far between, but now we have a little person that will give us a lot to talk about. The blog will also feature Lacey's Random Finds - event planning, paper love, pretty crafty things, etc.


Reese's First Sleepover

Reese had her first sleepover! Ok, so really, Lucy came over in her PJs and played for about 10 minutes before they both went to sleep, but still.

Chris stayed home with the girls, since Lucy's dad was out of town, so that Lucy's mom and I could do this......

Girls night with my mom friends.

When did our kid get big enough to color???


Toddler Valentine's

Have I mentioned I love my mom's group? Not only do they have cute kiddos that are the perfect playmates for Reese, but they are cute and creative mom's too. Here are some of our valentines.

This one was from Reese - You float my boat, with a boat bath toy.

Valentine Party

Valentine's was a lot of fun this year. We had our buddies from the Mom's Group over for a party. Everyone brought delicious food and darling valentines. The kids were all decked out in their holiday gear.

Trying to get a group pic. I love the concerened look (or the "what's your problem kid?" look) on the girls faces. Too funny!

Yes, those are lace leggings under her mini skirt. HA!

Cozy Coupe

We have been having a lot of fun play dates this winter at friends houses. This particular week Reese and Weston spent nearly the whole time driving the Cozy Coupe around the Lewis' kitchen. So fun. I think we need one.

Standing and Cruising All Day

But......Not walking! One day....maybe.

Gymboree Fun

Reese LOVES Gymboree. She as the most fun whenever we play there. It has been a great winter activity for us. Chris might love it as much as Reese!

Reese with her BFF Bennett


Christmas Dress

Reese had a cute Christmas dress this year which she wore at Christmas in Utah and in Virginia Beach. We got some cute pics by the Christmas trees.

This tree snows, and she couldn't resist it.

Christmas Part 2

Christmas lasts a while at our house and we LOVE it. Here are some pictures from Christmas at the OD's (in January!)

For years, Colleen and Chris get a "tacklebox" full of candy as part of their Christmas. Grandma and Grandpod found a mini one for Reese and filled it with her favorite snacks.

Reese got an awesome table and chairs set as a gift she loves feeling like a big girl sitting up to her table.

Cook Party in Philly

One of our favorite holiday activities is the Cook Family Party in Philly - or Grandmom's Party as they call it. We love getting together with Chris' family on his mom's side and celebrating the holidays. Unfortunately, the only pics I got were of Reese opening presents. She is spoiled!!

Photo Shoot with Uncle Ryan

 While in Utah, we had a photo shoot with Uncle Ryan. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how these turned out. So cute!

More Christmas Fun

How cute are Reese's cousins? They were SO WONDERFUL with her and played with her every minute.