This blog shares the happenings of Chris, Lacey and Reese O'Donnell. We didn't used to have that much to say about ourselves which is why posts were few and far between, but now we have a little person that will give us a lot to talk about. The blog will also feature Lacey's Random Finds - event planning, paper love, pretty crafty things, etc.


Package from Utah

Reese (and Chris and I) got a fun package from Utah from Grandma Rita and Grandpa Dave. She got my favorite childhood book - Rootie Kazootie. It was actually my Dad's from the 40's when he was a little boy. I requested it the minute I found out I was having a baby. She also got some toys and books and a great new pair of shoes and hair bow. Chris and I got some great gifts too!

Reese's First Christmas

Reese was too little to go to Utah for Christmas, so we stayed at home in Virginia. The O'Donnells and Paullets (Colleen and Greg) came to our house and we had a great time. They even got to stay longer than planned since there was a big snow storm in Philly that postponed the Cook party, and in Virginia Beach making it hard for them to get home.

Here is Reese with Grandpod. Like his name? He goes by POD so we thought Grandpod was a perfect thing to call him.

Here is Chris with Reese's stocking from Grandma Pat

Reese slept through the gift opening...but we are sure she loved her gifts!

Christmas Eve with the Lindseys

This year we spent Christmas Eve in Lovettsville with the Lindseys. They liked the Young family tradition of chinese food on Christmas Eve and it made me feel more at home.

Vivi is saying hello to Reese.

Sophie & Isabelle (our flower girl) with Reese

Vivi giving Reese kisses.

All the girls in their Christmas PJs.

Before bed, the girls hung their stockings and put out cookies and milk for Santa!


Little Miss is one month old (already!) I love the first pic because it looks as though she is showing us number one. Let's see if I can get her to put up two fingers next month! Here are some things about Reese this month:

* She was born (ok, you knew that one)
* She loves baths. eating, bouncing in her seat, rocking, etc
* She started sleeping through the night at 2.5 weeks (that should probably be listed first in all caps!!)
* She wants to be entertained (and there is only so much to entertain her with at this age). She loves something for a few minutes and then wants to move on to the next thing.
* At her one month check up she weighs 11 lbs (85th percentile) and is 23 inches long (97th percentile)
* She is on the verge of smiling
* She started focusing more. She now makes great eye contact, watches the fish spin on her mobile, and looks at black and white pictures.
* She makes us VERY happy!