This blog shares the happenings of Chris, Lacey and Reese O'Donnell. We didn't used to have that much to say about ourselves which is why posts were few and far between, but now we have a little person that will give us a lot to talk about. The blog will also feature Lacey's Random Finds - event planning, paper love, pretty crafty things, etc.


Reese Takes Flight

Reese took her first flight this weekend. Chris, Reese and I flew to Utah to see my family and to introduce Reese to all the people she hadn't met yet. We flew direct from Dulles to SLC, a 4.5 hour flight. I am happy to report - it went GREAT! We lucked out with a couple of empty seats on the plane and a nice gate agent at Dulles. He made sure we had one of those empty seats so we were able to bring her car seat on. That really changed everything and made it that much easier. She slept the entire time at the airport and through takeoff. Once awake we ate, played, navigated the tiny bathroom changing table, played some more and went back to sleep. Here's hoping for empty seats on the way home (come on delta!)


Three months old!! Reesemeister (her new nickname of the day) is so fun right now. She is just expressive and awesome.

Here are some things about her this month:

* We don't have a weight/height update since her next well visit at the doctor is not until 4 months, but we know she is growing as she is starting to wear the next size and growing out of her little stuff.
* She giggles. It is really funny, but she gets bored fast so we are always coming up with something new for the giggle.
* She loves her hands - putting them together and mostly sucking on them (loud slurp noises included)
* Tummy time is short lived. This girl rolls. To her right and her left.
* She hates to burp. We burp her half way through the bottle so she doesn't get to spitty, and its as though she knows there is more to drink. We sit her up and she screams. Once she is full, she is happy again. hmmm.
* Her favorite position is hands behind her head. She looks so relaxed.
* She coos a lot - stringing together a bunch of sounds like a sentence, so it really does seem like she is trying to say something.
* She has a new trick. If you ask her where her tongue is and stick yours out, she will do the same. Smarty girl.